Book "SEKSsories"

The authors of the book

Viacheslav Kostyuchenko

CEO of the holding "FETISH Company '

The owner of chain stores for adults

Chief Editor of "Fetish. BDSM "

Media (in Russian)

Kulakova Vera

General director of "BLACK Company." The Graduate of the Leningrad State University. AS Pushkin and the Institute of Psychology and Sexology

From the authors:

The authors compiled a totally unique material on the products of modern sex industry. The book provides tips using sex toys, sex, pharmacy, erotic clothing and other products sex shops.

The book is written in plain language and easy to read.

The book will be of interest for young people, which discover the world of sex. Also the book will be of interest for and stable family and non-family couples creatively and carefully related to their intimate relationships.

The book can also be useful for training salespeople adult shops.

The book covers various topics that are characteristics of the subject:

1. The history of the subject

2. Physiological explanation in the application

3. Psychological explanation in the application

4. Motivation in the application

5. Varieties of the object, its design features, materials, manufacturing

6. About how to select and use

7. Jokes to this topic

8. The practice of using our products in real-world pairs