"Whips from Russia"

At the very beginning of our business at the field of sex and sex accessories it was decided to take work in the context of BDSM and fetish as major commercial area of focus. Naturally, first of all we began to explore what peak humankind had reached in developed capitalistic countries.

As it seemed foreign websites had the overabundance of BDSM attributes. However, the absence of leather braided shock devices (more exactly, one tail and many tail whips and lashes) hit the eye.

It has simple explanation. Lash appeared in Russia in XII century after Genghis Khan’s invasion. Soon it became essential in battle, hunt, punishment and even execution. The art of battle conducting with whip was popular on the same basis as other types of weapons. To this day whip is essential weapon in Russian Cossack’s armament. The art of braiding counts more than 1000 years. The secrets of braiding had been passed on from generation to generation for many centuries.

BDSM takes advantage of whips as perfect device for flagellation. Since one of flagellation major goals is pleasure, requirements for whip production have dramatically increased. A number of technologic nuances and secrets have appear, which help to get necessary effects during flagellation (here we wouldn’t explain it in detail). Generally, let's say whip production for BDSM purposes is hard nut to crack and only craftsmasters have enough skill to do it.

Foreign countries had no such craftsmen and they haven’t them for today. There floggers are mainly used for flagellation, i.e. leather strings clenched at one side with handle. You cannot get flagellation effects with such device in compare with braided one. That’s why daring, even venturous idea appeared – to feature Russian whips in foreign exhibitions.


The first operational raid in the world BDSM’s camp was made in 2004. This event is reviewed in detail in the section Venus exhibition in Berlin.

From 2005 to this day we has presented in our stand Russian whips with brand name of Whips from Russia in exhibitions in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Munich,

You may read about exhibitions in the respective sections of the site.

As a result of this activity many BDSM theme-based companies all over the world are familiar with the brand name of Whips from Russia.

Since 2007 our distributors have worked in Germany, they may offer you whole collection by our prices:


Clip features pop star Rihanna with our pink whip and crop:

However, strange though it may seem, the best effect has emerged not because of our sales abroad, but as a result of various qualitative items quantity growth in our Russia shops. As soon as we had known the best world fetish shop and developed a rapport with their heads, we began to supply our goods to front rank BDSM world shops as well as to practice very effective barter. Our whips have become peculiar currency, i.e. our supplies result isn’t money, but items which are wanted in our Russian shops. Thus, we can replenish our goods range in Moscow and St. Petersburg shops with the best specialities from the best world shops. Moreover, we don’t need to make major supply for this purpose. While bartering we may take any quantity of goods which we like, literally from 1 item.